“Clearance Rack Keys”

Inside A JC Penney Co. Store Ahead of Earnings Results


The ultimate key to remember when cruising the clearance rack is “what you need” as opposed to “what you want”. Ask yourself the question, would I want this shirt if it weren’t on sale? Is it really all that cute? What will I wear with it? Do I even have accessories, or am I willing to purchase  them in order to make this shirt pop? The key is if that ditsy shirt doesn’t pop without aided accessories, it’s probably not all that hot! In essence, you probably don’t want that shirt.

Be careful this season as you shop for cute pieces. The key is to look great while saving bundles of money! If you’re a lot like the “Genie” I’m sure you can think of a million things you’d rather do with your money than throw it away on unwanted clothes perhaps, you may wanna take the “Vintage Genie “on  an exotic trip (and spoil her with lots and lots of ice cream, cookies, and other delicious deserts ) or spend your life savings building that grumpy old man down the street a space ship so he can move far away into the orbit, right?

Nonetheless, no matter how you decide to spend your money, you don’t wanna purchase something that ends up buried in the back of your closet never to be touched or seen again. Be wise and use these keys as you enjoy your summer shopping. Oh and don’t forget, if you ever get bored or lonely while shopping, contact the “Genie” and we can shop together for countless deals and more! Lol. Enjoy!



Yours Truly,

“The Vintage Genie”

Fashion Blogger

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