$20 Shopping Budget


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You  all know by now how much I love color! You also know how much I enjoy saving money! This Genie will shop various places so long as I’m getting good quality,  pizaz flavor and last but certainly,not least class!

I want glamour yet, I wanna keep my money too. So shopping Chicago Retail Stores and online clearance racks are no stranger to me.  I still love my “Goodwill deals  and it’s so difficult not to brag about them.  Although, riding  around  in search of these great “Goodwill” deals can be a challenge often times,  they are rewarding too.

I won’t say my shopping experiences don’t become intense because they do. Awe but, once I see all the bargains, I forget completely what the definition of intense ever  meant! You see the “Genie” remembers what she wants and the rest, well it kinda goes in her bottle and somehow it  stays there. Ummmm, you say, what bottle? My Genie bottle silly.  You knew…..you were just pretending!

Well guys it’s time to find out what crazy insane price I paid for this marvelous, fantastic and fabulous outfit. Of course, it was at “Goodwill” cause anywhere else it would be considered unheard of right? Well,  maybe not! Some clearance racks can be just as insane! We just gotta find them.

Goodwill Store (Indianapolis, IN)

White Blazer $6.99

Lime Green Top $3.99

Lime Green Skirt $3.99

♥♥Bonus– Charlotte Russe

White Heeled Sandals $9.99

(Total Amount Spent $15.00 excluding the shoes)


Yours Truly,

The Vintage Genie

Fashion Blogger/ Review Artist

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