“It’s Time”

It is definitely time to spruce up our wardrobes with exclusive and exciting new pieces! We  know what season this is and we wanna all look amazing right? It’s time for Amanda’s fabulous wedding and  Jeremy’s college graduation.

Awe, God forbid don’t forget Lisa’s major epic and  extraordinary dinner party she throws every single year. The one where everyone has to dress up just to spill wine and messy hors d’oeuvre  all over high priced amazing clothes but of course, Lisa insists!

You remember the all white party 2 years ago? Well, Lisa has not changed and ironically her parties haven’t changed much either. So I suggest, (as I like to say) we get wardrobe prepared.

Here are a few ideas you may consider wearing to the event and a few for  afterwards.  We all have Fashion Sense so no need to differentiate between the two. Send Jeremy and Lisa my love. Remember to smile, have lots of fun and keep in mind it’s time!

Yours Truly,

The Vintage Genie

Fashion Review Blogger

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