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Attending any Business Meeting can  be intimidating or even challenging. Let’s face it, we just don’t always know what to expect. Nonetheless we should remain carefree and simply just be ourselves! Dressing for the occasion can give us the confidence we need to feel comfortable while allowing the order of events to take place.

While such meetings may be unpredictable, one thing for certain is being prepared. Preparation is essential so, take lots of notes! You won’t wanna forget important tasks or details especially, if you’re not the boss. Chances are you  wanna at least impress the boss right? Arrive a few minutes early because  we know early is  impressive and, if you’re being considered for that next  promotion  this may be your lucky day!

Nonetheless, the bottom line is to be prepared, prepared, prepared!  Proper rest the night before is a great place to start and good nutrition and hydration are other areas to certainly focus on. Make sure you put your best foot forward, bringing positive energy to the table while expecting a great outcome however, if the meeting is long, uninteresting and you’re freaking bored outta your mind…..think about “Genies” and how fabulous they are or take a nap. You deserve one….I’m just kidding ! Please do not take a nap!    Don’t forget dress for success and expect the best!

Yours Truly,

The Vintage Genie

Fashion Review Blogger






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