Summer Blast


Let’s make this Summer a blast and rock with these “hot” new pieces for the season. I absolutely adore these cute little off shoulder tops with ripped jeans or even with a pair of sexy knee length capris. These babies totally rock! I cannot wait to emerge myself into one and sneak off on a  romantic date with my special guy. These tops are just so alluring and one cannot help but feel extra sexy when wearing one of them.  Polka dots are hot and one of my ultimate favorites!

However, a floral print design or even  solid are just as gorgeous and equally alluring. These tops are simply fun, suggestive sexy and not to mention super light weight. As we know, ripped jeans are still in! I have noticed a few of the (capri) style in a few exciting colors too. White, black, and  blue seem pretty common but I even noted red at Charlotte Russe. Kudos to Charlotte I just, haven’t seen any  other unique colors anywhere else. If you guys know of any place  that sells  other colors please share.   Nonetheless, you just cannot go wrong with an off shoulder top, ripped jeans and a pair of sassy sandals or perhaps a canvas shoe of your choice to accentuate your outfit.

Short chic dresses are definitely in too! I like to refer to them as an all purpose “must have“. They simply have so many purposes and you can incorporate them into any wardrobe any way you like! They’re perfect to just throw on and rush to the grocery, they’re kinda acceptable to run into the school and drop off little Johnny’s lunch he forgot , lingering on the kitchen island, or even an afternoon walk or lunch date in the park. They are notorious  for a trip to the beach too. You see, they just have countless possibilities! Who knows? You may be  able to seduce your spouse or significant other and persuade them into allowing you to have your way all day long. (Smile) This is exactly what you want, your way!

They allow you unthinkable freedom and total and complete relaxation. Awe, they feel so incredible,  they look amazing  and keep you cool all at the same time! I personally love, love the short style for the warm season. Be aware however, they can become easily addictive! Just imagine, no buttons, no constricting zippers or strings to concern yourself with. You’re simply just free to enjoy the beautiful weather and not be effected by the heat as much. Besides they are  super, super comfy and the freedom you have is limitless.  A short dress is a must have for this Summer’s wardrobe. Be sure to get one and you too will experience the Summer Blast!


Yours Truly,

“The Vintage Genie”

Fashion Review Blogger

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