Sexy Summer Night


Oh, the night life! This is where the ladies wanna especially look their absolute best. This is your time to relax, kick back after working those crazy long hours at the office. You just wanna let your hair down, unwind and forget about work until well, perhaps the next century or two!  You’re in the mood for a cool, refreshing, sweet and fruity drink or, maybe you need one of those hard, smelly beverages that taste like gasoline. I guess it just depends on what type of week you’ve had. As for me, ” (Smile) I’ll have water with lemon please.”

One thing for sure is you wanna  be surrounded among your spouse or, perhaps that special someone (you just met) you cannot quit thinking about all day or maybe  around a group of  loving and vibrant  friends. You’ve been stuck in the office long enough listening to miserable Maureen complain about how awful her husband is and how she can’t ever get him to mow the lawn and then there’s “bitchy” Betty screaming every other second about how many “stiletto” nails she has broken. Who cares about Maureen’s lazy husband or Betty’s strangely painted artificial nails? For all you care Maureen can sign herself into a mental asylum and Betty can sell donuts from the trunk of her old run down pinto. Did I say Pinto? Well Honestly, It’s hard telling  what she’s driving. The car is so worn the  make and model signatures have  deteriorated.

One thing for certain is you want to enjoy this intimate evening rather you are with your spouse, date,  significant other or large  gathering of friends and while doing so,  you want to  look fabulous. Guess what? I know just the thing! You have a variety to select from. You can go with black. As you know black is always a go to color and a winner  in any circumstance. Let’s face it black says so much in our world of fashion. Black is dominant, it has a voice that’s sleek, yet sexy and very bold I must, add. A touch of silver or gold is acceptable too.

You can go from a simple pair of sexy jeans and a crop top or, a basic pair of shorts and a simple top with a long cover up for extra pizaz and style. Even a short, sassy yet sexy and inviting dress for the evening would work too. You see there are multiple factors to consider which solely depend upon who you will be entertaining and exactly which message you are attempting to send. Naturally if you’re gonna be with your date you wanna spruce up the “sexy” and I would recommend a hot and sultry dress but if you’re casually hanging out with girlfriends or work related pals you may wanna tone it down a bit to some super cute jeans, some cute comfy shoes and a cute electrifying  top. Some sassy shorts and matching top with an alluring and vibrant cover up should work too.

Let’s make certain our hair and make up are given special attention too and are not being neglected. I can envision a cute messy bun? Also has excellent and fabulous new colors for this season! Don’t forget manicure and pedicure especially ladies, if you plan on wearing sandals this summer! The fashion rule is feet must match hands and if you should so happen to break this detrimental fashion rule, the “Fashion Police” will warrant you. So please, please note you were warned!

Above all, look amazing like a million bucks no matter what you wear. As a word of caution  ensure Maureen and Betty are not on the guest list for the evening for that, could potentially ruin everything and then we are back to square one all over again. After all this is your “Sexy Summer Night”outing and you deserve to look amazing, be in the midst of great company and have a fabulous evening!


Yours Truly,

“The Vintage Genie”

The Fashion Review Blogger





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